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          DOI® Handbook


          The DOI® Handbook is the primary source of information about the DOI® system. The DOI name 10.1000/182 identifies the currently applicable latest version of the handbook. This version was written to reflect the approval and publication of ISO 26324: DOI System, in 2012, and includes relevant ISO terminology.

          Compliance with this and subsequent versions of the DOI Handbook will ensure compliance with the ISO 26324 standard. Individual chapters of the handbook will be updated separately; the date of the last update for each chapter is shown in each chapter's heading. Note that some links in the handbook are to additional material available only to members of the International DOI Foundation.



          The DOI Handbook has been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Contact Guo Xiaofeng of ISTIC at doi_om@istic.ac.cn for assistance with the Chinese version, Mr. Jinseop Shin at js.shin@kisti.re.kr for assistance with the Korean version, or support@japanlinkcenter.org for assistance with the Japanese version. Note that the English version may include changes not reflected in the translations and it takes precedence over all translated versions.


          Table of Contents
          Complete list of chapters and subchapters.

          Chapter 1 Introduction
          History, standards, trademarks, system overview.

          Chapter 2 Numbering
          Syntax, assignment of DOI names, character sets, other identifier schemes.

          Chapter 3 Resolution
          Simple and multiple resolution, Handle System, DOI System Proxy Server.

          Chapter 4 Data Model
          Policy, interoperability, DOI metadata & metadata requirements, ISO 26324.

          Chapter 5 Applications
          Type/Value pairs, DOI resolution, application profiles, digital object registry technology.

          Chapter 6 Policies
          Summary of key policies, and description of policy formulation, including agreements.

          Chapter 7 International DOI Foundation
          Role, responsibilities and membership information for the organization that governs the DOI system.

          Chapter 8 Registration Agencies
          Operational and technical requirements of Registration Agencies, including their role in managing DOI names for users.

          Chapter 9 Operating Procedures
          Rules and procedures for registering and maintaining DOI names and their associated metadata.

          Glossary of Terms


          DOI_disc_logo ®, DOI®, DOI.ORG®, and shortDOI® are trademarks of the International DOI Foundation.